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January 15th, 2008

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Dear Friends,

Imagine a city learning how to love, find its true heart, awaken its own soul through the leadership of a poet! This is exactly what is happening in Toronto, Canada, and it is an inspiration for all our towns and communities. Toronto’s Poet Laureate, Pier Giorgio DiCicco, has captivated the spirit of his city’s citizens with his beautiful notions and words. Creative City is the name of a ten-year visionary strategy, which, in DiCicco’s language, aims to “restore intimacy, curiosity, trust, and play into the happenstance encounter of citizens, in an era when the happenstance and the unpredictable are a threat.”

I too am captivated by DiCicco’s wisdom as it mirrors the thrust of New Village Press and the passions of our authors to create their beloved communities. How else can we build the cities of our dreams, if not first by engaging our imaginations with each other and sharing what we find most precious.

This impetus to share what we love, to play, to build a caring community of our own, has prompted us at New Village Press to create a space where we can bump into each other in less formal ways than through our books, to give you and us a place to fiddle and dance and gossip about what’s good. To that end—or beginning, if you will—we are opening a village square online, our own public commons.

New Village Commons offers a regular blog (assuming we learn how to work it!), a monthly online magazine (come see our first issue!), audio and video selections (yes!), plus a calendar of author and Press events. We have also created the New Village Press newsletter that you are now reading!

And take a look, please, at our newly published books. This year two elder authors have gifted us with nothing less than the wisdom of their life’s work.

Undoing the Silence: Six Tools for Social Change Writing by Louise Dunlap (Dec. 2007)

Building Commons and Community by the late Karl Linn (Jan. 2008)

These are books to inspire and instruct, books to pass to closest colleagues and to request for every library. We have descriptions, excerpts, and author pages to view online, and, should you want to write a review or post a notice about either, you’ll find media releases in our Newsroom.

While we were sprucing up our website, we also added new Author and About Us pages (hey, photos!) and a Supporters page (about time we said thank you!).

So find out what we do when we’re not proofing galleys and visit our Commons— perhaps you’ll see your name soon in our blog.

In community and creativity,

Lynne Elizabeth

PS. A big thank you to Linda Frye Burnham of Community Arts Network for turning us on to the work of Pier Giorgio DiCicco through the CAN blog. Linda, by the way, has introduced us to many of our authors and is continually enriching us with glorious reports of creativity changing the world. If you have not already made it your home site (I have!), I entreat you to explore the deep and delicious CAN website she and husband Steve Durland run. More than half our authors are regular contributors.

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New Village Press is a public-benefit venture of Architects/ Designers/ Planners for Social Responsibility

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