All You Need is Love

September 29th, 2010

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Baltimore, Maryland, endearingly referred to as Charm City. A city name that evokes visuals of crab feasts, beehive hairstyles, Edgar Allen Poe, Hairspray, and indecipherable vernacular. Those, of course, are the positive associations, the terms of endearment—the elements that make Baltimore, according to its benches, “The Greatest City in America.” But quickly one’s mind will move from these positive associations to more negative associations. With the advent of the popular T.V. show The Wire, a popular drama chronicling the lives of Baltimore drug dealers through the eyes of police officers and drug dealers alike, many people often associate Baltimore with violent crime and drug-related violence, overlooking the city’s quirky and thriving artistic community, ultimately letting the city’s history of violence cast a shadow over its potential for improvement. (more…)

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