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February 14th, 2011

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Dear Sweethearts of New Village Press,


Happy Valentine’s Day! Valentines is one of the favorite holidays of our press with so many authors expressing from their heart. In the spirit of the day, we highlight a few of our titles that
demonstrate the power of love to better our world. Follow the book links below for a 50% discount on these works during Valentines week!


By Heart is a moving double memoir and story of an unfolding friendship between Judith Tannenbaum, a writer and former teacher in the San Quentin State Prison, and Spoon Jackson, a lifer without hope of parole, who discovers his passion for language and becomes a gifted poet. In a recent review , Ruth Gendler writes, “By Heart is a powerful reminder that one can be creative, one can live with attention and heart no matter where.”


Works of Heart is a collection of diverse arts projects depicting the potential of creativity in building community and the importance of loving a place in order to improve it. Among the artists profiled is Lily Yeh who reminds us: “Community building is not just about housing, although we are doing that. It’s not just about gardens, but that’s an important backbone here. It’s not just about education. It’s all of that . . . but we must remember the heart.”



In Undoing the Silence, a guidebook for those wanting to write for social change, Louise Dunlap teaches the effectiveness of the Rogerian “love letter.” She writes: “Thich Nhat Hanh says energy for change comes from the work we put in to feel enough compassion to write a “love letter” rather than an angry letter to those we are challenging. Writing a love letter empowers the writer and creates the possibility for a solution that is outside the box—a transformation in one’s adversary (and oneself) that is almost impossible to envision beforehand.” Colleagues of Louise, who are teaching at the School of Leadership in Afghanistan, use her book and this method to grow peace.


James Jiler, author of Doing Time in the Garden, a personal story about the ability of horticultural training to reduce prison recidivism, is a featured presenter in the documentary Dirt The Movie. Read about James Jiler’s passion for greening the earth and compassion for his students in Doing Time. And look for Dirt in screenings around the country.


In community,


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