Lily Speaks

June 28th, 2011

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“We need to take action and step in. We can light up our community and our world.” –Lily YehLily Yeh

The exceptional social pioneer and artist Lily Yeh, author of Awakening Creativity, recently spoke at the Big Learning Event held at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She discussed her past and current work in Philadelphia, China, and Rwanda in transforming individual communities and their environments through the power of art. While her projects aim to cultivate community spirit, Lily emphasizes that her work is always “co-creative,” explaining that the work she does is always for, with, and by the people, and can only belong to the people in the end. (more…)

Let Amara Inspire You!

June 21st, 2011

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Amara GeffenAmara Geffen is an exceptional woman who deserves recognition for her inspiring community work. A celebrated artist in her own right, Amara serves as a professor of art at Allegheny College in Meadville, Pennsylvania, where she has been teaching “Art & the Environment” and much more since 1982. Amara recognized the important link between art and the environment, and twelve years ago became involved in the creation of an interdisciplinary studies program to provide service-learning opportunities for students in the local community that promote sustainability. This program became the Center for Environmental and Economic Development (CEED) and Amara not only serves as the directbuilding the Fenceor of CEED, but is also the project director of the Arts & Environment Initiative within it.

Amara understands that public art beautifies the environment and promotes revitalization, and her many successful CEED projects have thus identified the environment as an important tool for community development. One locally celebrated and nationally recognized project has been Read Between the Signs. Initiated in 2002 by Amara, this public art project is a continually growing sculptural “fence” of discarded road signs. It is not only a magnificent work of art that recycles old, abandoned highway signage, but it also incorporates solar- and wind-powered kinetic components including a motorized Ferris wheel and a series of fish that ‘jump’ out of a stream!

New Village Press News

June 9th, 2011

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Dear Friends of New Village Press,

Some of you curious about our new Kickstarter campaign to go digital have asked for the story behind it, so gather ’round the screen and we’ll tell you the tale!

Twas a dark and stormy night in 1450 when Johannes Gutenberg took inspiration from the wine presses of the Rhine Valley (yes, maybe that kind of inspiration, too) to invent the printing press and, with it, the book as we know it. What Gutenberg did not know was that his invention would be credited with nothing less than inaugurating what we traditionally call the modern era. It was the possibility to circulate ideas beyond the strict boundaries of the oral tradition and the painful work of Amanuensis monks that spurred the Renaissance, the Reformation, and the scientific revolution, to name just a few. (more…)

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