Beyond Zuccotti Park takes on New York City!

September 24th, 2012

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Lynne Elizabeth’s trip to New York City for Beyond Zuccotti Park‘s pre-release events was a great success! The Oculus Book talk at the Center for Architecture was the best attended book event they’ve ever had, and the Symposium also had a full crowd and a great discussion. There was even some light-hearted fun with Van Alen Bookstore and Occupy Town Square with a Pop Up Salon for International Park[ing] Day!

New York Times’s Urban Affairs Correspondant Sam Roberts released a mini-review in his Friday BookShelf column, calling Beyond Zuccotti Park a “timely perspective on public protest.”

An excerpt of Jeff Hou’s chapter from Beyond Zuccotti Park was just published in Design Observer/Places, complete with beautiful color pictures. “Jeffrey Hou shifts the emphasis from physical space to citizen action. We need to focus not just on ensuring the right to public assembly, he writes, but also on ‘the making and mobilization of the public as an actively engaged citizenry.'”

Lead editor Ron Shiffman will present Beyond Zuccotti Park on Saturday, September 29, in a keynote address at Pratt Institute Alumni Day and on Friday, October 19, at the 2012 MAS (Municipal Art Society) Summit for New York City.

We’ll keep everyone updated as new things continue to happen and as the momentum keeps gathering!

Editors left to right: Anusha Venkataraman, Anastassia Fisyak, Lynne Elizabeth, Lance Jay Brown, Ron Shiffman, and Rick Bell

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