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February 8th, 2013

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New Village Press Book Circus!circus_aerial_sm72

Join New Village Press on Saturday, February 23 (10 a.m. to 5 p.m.), for a one-of-a-kind Book Circus at the Temescal Branch of the Oakland Public Library! The event will feature a free morning writing workshop by Louise Dunlap and a lively afternoon of film screenings and author presentations. Join special guests Carl Anthony, Roberto Gutiérrez Varea, Judith Tannenbaum, and Arlene Goldbard for a fun and informative day. Free and discounted books, refreshments, and surprises!


Lily Yeh and “The Barefoot Artist” Film

Renowned artist and author of Awakening Creativity, Lily Yeh, is the subject of the upcoming documentary The Barefoot Artist, codirected by Glenn Holsten and Daniel Traub. The film has been seven years in the making and is near completion. It follows Lily as she uses art to uplift torn communities from Philadelphia to Rwanda.Lily Yeh at Dandelion School, Beijing

I never dreamed that I could change things. I don’t see myself as a social activist. I am an artist. What I am about is sharing that sense of joy when I am creating with many people, with whoever wants to be a part of that process. People say, “You improve so many people. You make people happy.” I say, No, people make me happy. I need other people.
— Lily Yeh


Please donate to the film’s fund to help support this wonderful project. All donations are tax deductible.

Other Events around the Country

The Pratt Institute in New York is hosting a public forum series at its Manhattan campus entitled Democracy, Equity, and the Public Realm. Divided into two categories–public space and transportation–each forum event is host to a guest speaker and a discussion moderator. New Village author and Beyond Zuccotti Park editor Ron Shiffman is organizer of the series, and among the presenters are New Village Press authors Michael Kimmelman, Jeffrey Hou, and Mindy Thompson Fullilove.


ADPSR (Architects/Designers/Planners for Social Responsibility) will join Planners Network in cohosting the national conference Beyond Resilience: Actions for a Just Metropolis this June 6–8 in New York City. Topics will include community preparedness and response to disaster; environmental justice; cross-sector organizing; meaningful and equitable employment; climate change; racial, class, and gender justice in planning and zoning policies; housing justice including affordable housing and quality public housing; gentrification and displacement; reexamining urban security; transportation justice; and more. The conference is currently calling for submissions.


Hearty Congratulations to Our Award-Winning Authors!zuccotticover


Ronald Shiffman, Beyond Zuccotti Park editor and What We See contributing author, has been awarded the Planning Pioneers Honor from the American Planning Association for his leadership in participatory urban planning, equitable community building, and bringing the public and private spheres together in creative, democratic ways. Ron is the cofounder and director of the Pratt Graduate Center for Community Development in Brooklyn.


Michael Pyatok, contributor to Beyond Zuccotti Park, has been honored with the Thomas Jefferson Award for Public Architecture by the American Institute of Architects for his commitment to creating high quality affordable and low-income housing. Mike is the principal of Pyatok and Associates Architects in Oakland, California.


Saskia Sassen, another contributor to Beyond Zuccotti Park and What We See, was named one of the Top Ten Theoriticians of Spatial Theory by Die Architecktin. Her work as a sociologist and an economist has been far-reaching, and she is noted for her analyses of globalization and international human migration. Saskia is Robert S. Lynd Professor of Sociology and cochairs the Committee on Global Thought at Columbia University.

New Village Press Wishes Everyone a Love-Filled and
e1360261589[1]Informed Black History Month!

To celebrate what Martin Luther King Jr. called the Beloved Community, New Village Press encourages you to consider all the friends, relatives, and members of your valued communities who would appreciate our authors and what we publish. Consider sharing this newsletter and the gift of inspiration by recommending or gifting favorite books to others. You can choose from more than thirty titles dedicated to grassroots community building, progressive education, community-based arts, urban ecology, and social change in our catalog. And should you open your heart to supporting a community organization with multiple books, contact us for significant discounts beyond what we already offer on our website.

With love and appreciation,
Lynne, Laura, Natalie, Leslie, and Sean


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