Lily Yeh: Artist, Lecturer, Radio Star

April 16th, 2014

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423796_342130649166948_998715580_nWhere some see desolation and brokenness, Lily Yeh, author of Awakening Creativity: Dandelion School Blossoms, sees potential for positive transformation. Lily has a bright, colorful vision for the world and she strives to instill this vision in others by empowering impoverished communities across the world to experience creativity through the creation and preservation of art.

Just last week, Lily was interviewed by Caroline Casey on the Visionary Activist Radio Show in a segment titled, “Dedicated Acts of Beauty Trump Tyranny and Restore Intimacy to the World.” During the show  Casey indicated the extent to which Lily has touched her life claiming that “Lily Yeh is among my favorite humans and most inspiring radio guests.” Lily went on to share her personal mission and experiences, including her struggle to remain dedicated to her projects despite certain challenges, as well as stories about her work over the years with Barefoot Artists, including her trip to Palestine which is happening this month.

“I must somehow harness the fear and then just get courage to go into this project and…by facing my own fear and not running away from that, I stepped into my life and I felt that from then on…my fear became my guide…That’s when I learned broken places become my canvas, people’s stories become the color, and people’s imagination becomes the tool and we can turn brokenness and despair into beauty and joy”  —Lily Yeh, Visionary Activist Radio Show, 2014Balata_3-500x333

Lily has also been invited to deliver the 2014 Dudley Memorial Lecture at the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. on Monday, May 12 at 7p.m, an event established in 1984 by Robert Whittier Dudley, and their six children to commemorate and perpetuate Argentina’s life’s work and interests, the objective of which is to provide memorable and enriching cultural experiences to diverse audiences. Lily will honor this objective by sharing stories from her inspiring work.

In the past few months, Lily has made great strides with her creative movement between appearing on the radio and on TMJ4’s Live at Daybreak, being interviewed by HsiuChih Lo for the October 2013 issue of Art World 279, and providing lectures and workshops  at screenings of The Barefoot Artist Movie. Here at New Village, we have enjoyed following Lily’s progress and look forward to witnessing more of Lily’s amazing work as she demonstrates the ways in which art functions as a catalyst for positive social change.

2014: Year of Jan Gehl

April 8th, 2014

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Jan Gehl1 smallIn an article featuring Jan Gehl, he is described as “the most influential architect you’ve never heard of.” However, we are pleased to say, that his efforts along with the collective efforts of Gehl Architects have not gone unnoticed as the people of Lublin, Poland, have nominated 2014 to be “Year of Jan Gehl.”

Jan Gehl, visionary architect and contributing author of What We See, aspires to create livable cities by improving their quality of life. He often writes and lectures on the subject of livability, indicating that public life is the key to improving it. Gehl addresses this subject by re-imagining city design to accommodate for the pedestrian and cyclist culture–a culture that he believes is the key to making healthy cities. Gehl has been pursuing these issues on a global scale since 2000 with the founding of Gehl Architects.

“The word livable is used more and more…it has to do with the notion of creating a city which gives a very good quality of life for those who are living there and those who are working there, and it is very important that it be for all age groups.” -Jan Gehl

At New Village Press, we celebrate Gehl’s ideals and commend him for his strides in urban design, and we are curious to follow the initiatives and the outcome of Lublin, Poland’s nomination.

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