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January 1st, 2008

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Issue # 4


Applause to Len Krimerman for guest editing this inspiring issue of New Village Online. In it we learn about new and old ways community creativity can be engaged and culture transformed.

Democracy Without Boxes or Borders
By Len Krimerman

Democracy and Education: One Community Example
By Phoebe Godfrey

Communiversity: Weaving a Community Web of Love and Hope
By Gus Jaccaci

Engaging Creative Community: Sculpting Society by Choice, Not by Chance
By Steven Dahlberg


Issue # 3


The Local Arts Planning System: Current and Alternative Directions
by Carl Grodach
Carl Grodach from the University of Texas School of Urban and Public Affairs proposes useful solutions to the “bifurcated arts planning” that marginalizes community-based arts in favor of prominent cultural institutions. His integrated framework for arts planning recommends creating a “comprehensive inventory and map of arts-based activity” as a first step.

Places of the Heart Survey and Map
by Daria Fisk

Resources for Local Arts Planning


Issue # 2


The Culture of Politics
by Arlene Goldbard
Elections are expressions of culture. Arlene Goldbard looks at how we might engage our social imagination to turn up the creativity quotient in democratic participation.

Who Walks with You?
by Maryo Gard Ewell
Reaching back to appreciate community arts leaders of the 19th and 20th centuries, Maryo Gard Ewell presents the Americans who inspire her work in democracy, place, and community building.


Issue #1


“Another World Is Possible.” More work on privilege is necessary.
Report on the first US Social Forum in Atlanta by Louise Dunlap,
author of Undoing the Silence: Six Tools for Social Change Writing

Out of the Box
Lecture to Shanti Foundation Conference “Building Peaceful Communities Through the Arts” by Arlene Goldbard, author of New Creative Community: The Art of Cultural Development


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